Dental Discount Plans

Wake up one morning or bit down on something suddenly there’s pain. Or just want to get your teeth white again after being stain by all that great Starbuck’s coffee. Going to a dentist is something most of us hate but becomes a necessity especially if you avoid a dentist for years, like me. And it’s expensive! But is Dental Insurance worth it?

Dental Insurance, unlike your healthcare policy, dose not cover you 100% immediately. Most plans will offer immediate basic services such as cleanings, exams, or x-rays. Most procedures have a wait period of a few months to a year or more and even then, only pay a percentage of the total cost. Not all procedures are cover such as implants, an awfully expensive procedures and sometime necessary one.

What are your options?

There are basically 3 options; No Insurance and pay as you go, a Dental Insurance Plan or a Discount Dental Plan. What is a Discount Dental Plan? It’s a plan with a dentist network that has agreed to provide a discount of 20-60% on certain procedures. The premium is either yearly or monthly and normally exceptionally low. An example is an implant with a Bridge Replacement is normally about $1,500; with a plan that I sell, the cost is as low as $500!  

1 Dental Network has a discount plan that offers great savings. The annual cost is only $99.00 per year. The plan can be used in conjunction with some Dental Insurance Plans that are indemnity plans; plans that will reimburse you for dental costs.  Manhattan Life has a plan as well as some Medicare Advantage Plans. One of Aetna’s MAPD plan, $0 premium PPO, will reimburse you up to $750.00 per year; with the discount plan you would pay the discount and submit the receipt to Aetna for reimbursement.  The Dental Access plan network is Aetna Dental Access, and the other plan is Careington’s network, both very good network.

Right now, 1 Dental is offing a 2 for 1 Network special. Both Dental Access and Care 500 for the price of 1 plan, $99.00 per year, until May 15, 2021. If you like more information call me at (484) 340-8112 or go to 1 Dental by clicking here.

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