Guard Your Medicare Number!

A lot is being showed on TV with Joe Namath pitching Medicare Advantage programs. The commercial is careful about avoid certain words but try to give the impression that you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan now with bunch of free stuff!

Guard your Medicare number; nobody should ask for the number unless it’s your doctor or pharmacist or me if I am enrolling you in a Medicare plan of your choice. If you are already on a Medicare Advantage plan you do not need your Medicare Card with you; put it away with your other important papers.

First, nothing is free! There are some plans with Zero premiums while other plans will have Zero co-pays, and some might have both.  There are plans with additional benefits while there are others with none. Some plans with premiums will give you lower co-pays and/or additional benefits. The best plan is a healthcare plan that fits your health needs. Unless you are turning 65, new to Medicare, moved into a new area or nursing home, or leave your employer’s plan you can not enroll in a plan until October 15 and then the effective date is January 1. There are some exceptions to this enrollment rule.

If you have any questions call Mike at (610) 420-6064 about your healthcare needs and which plan will be best for you.

The video is produced by CMS, the government department that manages Medicare.

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