Your Business is none of their Business!

A word of precaution for everyone regardless of age. With the COVID-19 Pandemic still raging and so many are not working makes for a very lucrative scam environment. There have been plenty of phone calls by scammers to Medicare members and those who lost their healthcare coverage due to being laid off over the COVID-19 Pandemic. Unfortunately, in this day of technology anyone can get your Personal Information (PI) and some can even get your Personal Health Information (PHI).

Personal Information (PI) is data about you. Your address, phone, date of birth, place of birth and other information that will identify you including your social security and Medicare numbers. Personal Health Information (PHI) is general information on your health condition, medication you may take, your doctors and other health related data.

You may get a call from a person claiming to be with the local or state health department or even Medicare doing a survey or follow up on the COVID-19 Pandemic. They may even have enough PI on you to make you feel comfortable speaking to them. Then they ask for more PI or PHI including your social security number or Medicare number; don’t ever give those numbers to anyone over the phone. There are a few exemptions, for instance; as your healthcare insurance agent, I may need your Medicare number to investigate an issue with your carrier. Since the change from using the social security number to the new Medicare number I will never need your social security number. Tell them nothing, do not confirm any PI or PHI, just hang up the phone!

Another scam are people at your door or at a store from the “Health Department” doing a survey. Again, when ask for address, phone number, social security or Medicare numbers be polite and walk away. The survey may be legit; however, a real survey taker does not need your Personal Information or Personal Health Information. By giving these people the information, as harmless to you as it maybe, it will give them information to sell your information to scammers.

Just be cautious when answer any survey’s. This would even apply to when this COVID-19 Pandemic ends. Always keep in mind that “Your Business is none of their Business!”

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