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Dental Insurance vs Dental Discount Programs

For our health and appearance good Dental care is a must. But there is a difference in the type of policies we buy. And it’s up to us to decide which is best for our circumstances.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a insurance policy very much like our Healthcare policy except it is not regulated by any law instead it’s usually regulated by our state’s Insurance Commission. Like healthcare polices they have two flavors; HMO and PPO. Up front they will state what procedure the policy will cover and what your co-pay will be. Many will cover your base services at no co-pay such as exam and cleanings. Other services will vary from no shared payments to 100% coverage. Many have a waiting period for certain services or a sliding scale for certain procedure. Like a healthcare policy the Dentist must be in the Network.

Dental Discount

These plans are similar to Dental Insurance however the provider covers a portion of the procedure cost and is not insurance. The plan manager manages the discount for each procedure and the provider agrees to that amount. As with Dental Insurance your dentist must be in their network.

For you, the consumer, it makes no difference in the long run. Usually, as long as you can get your teeth clean and cavities filled by your dentist most don’t care.

Plan Offerings

Delta Dental – Delta Dental is nation’s leading provider of dental insurance, we make it easy to protect your smile and keep it healthy, with the largest network of dentists nationwide, quick answers and personalized service. Policies start at about $18.00 per month for a Dentalcare USA plan paid annually. Dentalcare USA is a DHMO plan with no wait period for benefits. Click Delta Dental for a free quote!

Medico Dental – Medico is a Medical Insurance company that offers Dental Insurance with a comprehensive provider network. They have several levels of coverage. Starting with a basic dental plan with a low premium of $34.00 per month. Call Mike at (610) 420-6064 for a free quote!

1 Dental Net – Is a Dental Discount program rich in benefits with a very comprehensive dental network. With 1 Dental Net you pay the dentist directly at the discounted price for the services perform. This program includes a free discount vision component. Plans are $99.00 per year or $9.99 per month! Click 1 Dental Net for a free quote!

All of 1 Dental Plans include a Discount Vision Plan with 60,000 participating locations. Along with a discount Prescription Plan (Not a substitute for creditable coverage for Part D Medicare).

Morgan White Group – Offer various Dental and Vision plans. All starting at a low per month premium. Click Morgan White for a free quote!