Teleconference Ready

Due to the Pandemic I have set up to have Teleconference calls using ZOOM video or screen sharing. Both services can enable us to discuss the plans and for me to answer your questions. With ZOOM, we will see and hear each other while sharing the screen. Using we will share the screen and hear each other in real time. I will be able to go through the presentation and you can ask questions or point to items you may have a question about just like if I was at your kitchen table.

Once you choose a plan, we can complete the application. I will then send a copy to you for review and signature by Docusign. Once return to me, I will sign the application and submit to the Insurance Carrier. If we did a Medicare Advantage plan the process is slightly different. After the video presentation you will then call the Insurance Carrier Enrollment line. The carrier will assist you in completing the final enrollment application over the phone.

ZOOM is a video conference service. You will need to download their app to your smart device or computer to join the conference call. is a screen sharing service. No app to download, it will open in your internet browser. The difference is actual visual contact; with ZOOM we see and hear each other as well as the presentation. With we both just see my screen and hear each other.  Both services will assist you and me to accomplish the same outcome. Your enrollment in a plan of your choice from the comfort and safety of home.

Call Mike at (484) 340-8112 to arrange a call at your convenience.